• Introduction:

In 2007, when touchscreen devices were in their infancy, Facebook decided to provide these privileged users a whole new Facebook experience so they decided to develop a new app named Facebook Touch.

Facebook Touch, developed by H5 apps, is a more advanced and sophisticated version of Facebook mainly for touchscreen phones with a more user-friendly interface. It is available for windows, android, or iPhone and works as an alternative to the typical Facebook.


  • Similarities between Facebook and FB Touch:

Facebook and Facebook Touch are similar as far as the features as a social media app is concerned such that you can chat with your friends, post your story, share your pictures, or many other things that can be done using any of the apps. Other features related to accounts such as to recover suspended Facebook accounts, unlock Facebook disabled accounts, and others are also available on Facebook Touch.

  • Differences between Facebook and FB Touch:

Facebook is accessed at https://m.facebook.com/ whereas Facebook Touch is accessed at https://touch.facebook.com/, also at Facebook Touch, you get a better visual experience, HD photos, better graphics, and all of this with high performance and lesser memory usage.   

  • Features of Facebook Touch:

Let’s take a look at what Facebook Touch offers that is unique as a social media platform:

  1. Facebook Touch delivers a better user experience as it does not lag because of slow internet.
  2. You can see the difference between the picture quality of both the apps as Facebook Touch provides better picture quality.
  3. It is available on the app as well as web-version through a browser.
  4. The chat messenger of FB touch is better.

Along with the above features, Facebook Touch has a wider approach towards joining its users and most of the users of Facebook Touch feel this difference. For more queries like “My Facebook account is locked”, you get a detailed solution at Guidebrain.com.


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