Forgot AOL Password and Security Question

The account security question is a question-and-answer combination that you create to save your privacy. Having an ASQ for your AOL mail account provides you with extra protection. It also helps AOL mail verify your identity when you sign in to safe sites like

Forgot AOL Password and Security Question:

1.      Visit the Manage my account choose at the top of the AOL help home page

2.      Under the manage my account screen, choose on account security question, located under AOL mail account settings.

3.      Then, type the answer to your ASQ and choose to continue

4.      Under the My account overview page, the account security question field provides you the option to change your ASQ.

5.      To change your ASQ, choose the change account security question

6.      Once the change account security question screen appears, provide the important details and choose to save at the option of the page

7.      Now, your details have been updated, you will be routed back to your My Account Overview page with a message confirming that your ASQ has been updated.

There you are done also use your AOL mail account.

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